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Henry Fonda - Front Antinational LP

Artikelnummer: 201702009

With eight years of chaos under their belt, HENRY FONDA has become a steady force in the european DIY hardcore microcosm and has been gaining recognition worldwide from fans of fast, short & extreme music. 'Front Antinational', their 2nd full lenght again takes no prisoners and is a 16 song manifest in under 15 minutes, that combines their love for brutal powerviolence and furious HC/Punk with scramz and sludge pieces thrown into the mix. And since HENRY FONDA has always been a group of friends, who speak about things that pisses them off: 'Front Antinational" is an album that deals with current topics like the rise of racism all over the world, the 'wrong' hardcore, hedonism/escapism and personal issues. Single sided Vinyl Lp with white silkscreenprint, incl. DIN A1 Poster, Nerdcore, Feb. 2017.

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Henry Fonda - Front Antinational Single Sided Vinyl LP with white silkscreenprint + DIN A1 Poster

A1. Front Antinational (00:59)
A2. Surveillance Of The Fittest (00:43)
A3. Kartoffelstampfer (01:15)
A4. Caught In The Act (00:47)
A5. Fears Of Yesterday (01:30)
A6. Empowderment (00:55)
A7. Vom Regen In Die Jauche (01:15)
A8. Haha Hardcore (00:33)
A9. Henkel Kaput (00:45)
A10. Constraint (00:39)
A11. There Is No Violence Like Powerviolence (00:21)
A12. Asche (02:56)
A13. 21 Instagramm (00:38)
A14. Kapital Punishment (00:46)
A15. These Boots Ain't Made For Talking (00:36)
A16. Über Die Warenförmigkeit Der Liebe In Der Postfordistischen Gesellschaft (01:07)

Recorded and mixed in April-Juni 2016 by Malte Bomb Out.
Mastered in September 2016 by Benjacov.

Vinyl Lp, 1st press. 350g Cover, printed Innersleeves, DIN A1 Poster.
Artwork by Ricaletto & Hugues/PZZL. 800 on black w/ white silkscreenprint Nerdcore NC22, 17.2.2017.

Henry Fonda:
Andi - Guitars | Nico - Drums | Paul - Guitars | Tom - Vocals | Tompa - Bass

single-sided w/ white silkscreenprint
Henry Fonda
12" Vinyl