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ALL MY MONSTERS - Higher Ground LP

Artikelnummer: 20210801

The Munich band "ALL MY MONSTERS" plays indie folk rock. The sound of the band is reminiscent of the analog rock music of the 60/70s to grunge and garage rock. As a classic rock trio, the band captivates the audience with singer-songwriter Yeti Teutsch through his atmospheric and rocking live acts. This is Independent Retro Folk Rock in 2021. The musical spectrum ranges from crisp guitar riffs to soulful country songs, dreamy poetic ballads to wild surf rock. The album conatains 11 special songs from a special band. Memories of Tom Petty, Neil Young and Black Crowes are awakened. The lyrics tell of love, courage and passion, but also of the adventure of life and the power of imagination. Direct and rough guitar sounds alternate with soulful vocals, accompanied by a powerful rhythm section consisting of Seppo Schöne (bass) and Ben Esen (drums). Ltd. Edition Bundle, Looney Bin Records, Aug. 2021.

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All MY MONSTERS - Higher Ground LP (+ CD)
Limited Edition Bundle: 180g Vinyl + CD + MP3 Download!

A1. Ghost In My Hometown  4:32
A2. Freak In The Mirror  3:22
A3. Like You Do  3:11
A4. Suzie  3:52
A5. Rollercoaster  2:54

B1. I Always Knew  4:30
B2. Higher Ground  2:43
B3. Keep A Secret 4:01
B4. Queen Of Hearts  3:38
B5. The Needle And The Pinstripe Man  4:16
B6. Fantasie  3:15

All music written by Matthias "Yeti" Teutsch
Mixed and recorded by Tobias Siegert @ minga-studios
Mastering by Tom Geldhauser
"Ghost In My Hometown" and "I Always Knew" mixed by Bobby Altvater at Skystudios and Mastering by Dorian Degen

Special Limited Edition (300) Bundle: 180g Vinyl LP plus all Tracks on CD in Cardboard Sleeve & additional MP3 Download Code, Looney Bin Records, August 2021.

Matthias "Yeti" Teutsch - vox, guitars, lapsteel, keyboard | Josef Schöne - bass | Mäx Huber - drums

Looney Bin Records
12" Vinyl
180g Vinyl incl. CD + MP3 Download Code
Limited Edition