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SPASTIC FANTASTIC: SEX MIT BEKANNTEN Compilation LP - nach 2 Jahren endlich raus! Der fette Labelsampler von Deutschlands Trashpunk-Label Nummer 1. 35 Bands - 35 unreleased Tracks! Mit Sniffing Glue, Nihil Baxter, Sonic Abuse, Danger! Danger!, Front, Leidkultur, Henry Fonda, Derbe Lebowski, Schwule Nuttenbullen, Kackschlacht, Mühlheim Asozial, Mann Kackt Sich In Die Hose & many more. Ltd. Ed. incl. A2 Poster. Spastic Fantastic Records, 4.1.2016.
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Time to stop that awkard long period hearing nuthin new from HENRY FONDA and NIHIL BAXTER. Here you get wonderful new 7inches of fantastic hardcore wax. NIHIL BAXTER with its best recordings up to now, 6 songs in 5 minutes, stopngo hardcore, some powerviolence moments here and there and a big punk edge. HENRY FONDA shows some respect through blastering 6 songs in 4 minutes. No breaks, just insane spazztic hardcore between 90s emoviolence, fastcore and powerviolence against labor, jesus and the good old television. All in all 12 songs in 9 minutes pure hate! Something to add??? Vinyl 7" EP, Spastic Fantastic, 2012.
Henry Fonda kommen mit ihrem ersten Longplayer um die Ecke, was in ihrem Fall 18 Songs in 15 Minuten bedeutet. 18 Powermetal, Thrashcore & Powerviolence Songs gegen society, tough guy shit & slim pride. Nichts hinzuzufügen. Punkt. Vinyl LP, 3rd press "Roze Tulp Edition" 500 on clear pink vinyl, Nerdcore, 2015.
With eight years of chaos under their belt, HENRY FONDA has become a steady force in the european DIY hardcore microcosm and has been gaining recognition worldwide from fans of fast, short & extreme music. 'Front Antinational', their 2nd full lenght again takes no prisoners and is a 16 song manifest in under 15 minutes, that combines their love for brutal powerviolence and furious HC/Punk with scramz and sludge pieces thrown into the mix. And since HENRY FONDA has always been a group of friends, who speak about things that pisses them off: 'Front Antinational" is an album that deals with current topics like the rise of racism all over the world, the 'wrong' hardcore, hedonism/escapism and personal issues. Single sided Vinyl Lp with white silkscreenprint, incl. DIN A1 Poster, Nerdcore, Feb. 2017.
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