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Sonytony / Rumpeln - Split 7" Single

Artikelnummer: 201104006

Grindcore / Noise meets Sequencer and Visuals. Limited edition 7inch vinyl single, bodensatz/yrusmtsim YRU 007, 2010.

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Sonytony / Rumpeln - Split 7" Single

a. sonytony
1. aur kaun? (0:18)
2. heartbrake (0:44)
3. puking like a volcano (0:23)
4. act like gastropods!!! (0:58)
5. sore muscles and sore throats (0:17)
6. flowerpowerviolence (0:51)
7. remove your kind and your carcass will follow (1:27)

B. rumpeln - unruhestiftung! (3:05)

sonytony recorded in the woods [drums], in the kitchen [bass] and at eternal peace studios [throats]. cut and mixed in the kitchen 2010.
rumpeln recorded, edited and mixed in the bedroom 2008.
released in co-operation with bodensatz.
100 numbered copies on black vinyl.
Limited edition 7inch vinyl single, bodensatz/yrusmtsim YRU 007, 2010.


was born in 2001, died in 2004 - and got reunited in 2009.
Some of his love anthems of the first period can be found on the DVD-R 'For The Downfall Of The Musicbusiness', released in 2006 on his own imprint Save The CD-R.
The latest highlight of Sonytony's current work is the Heelbreaker-DVD-R 'I Against I - Screen Bloody Core', documenting a legendary Sonytony live-action in Berlin.


Multmediale Zerhackstückung since 1996. Rumpeln aka Anton Kaun started his 'career' as 'bass player' and 'singer' in the legendary Trashcantrasher, continuing this tradition as Sonytony.
Rumpeln began working regularly in 1996, creating audiovisual performances by using cut-up sounds and cut-up movies, putting them back together with his own sense of aesthetics and/or humor.
It is only natural that he also works as a visual artist, creating videos and live visuals for many different events, bands and projects.

7" Vinyl