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Per Capita - The Damage Done CD

Artikelnummer: 201106002

PER CAPITA - 2nd Album. 11 songs of hi-octane HC-Crust-Grind! CD, PCCD02, DIY, Feb. 2011.

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Per Capita - The Damage Done

01. The God delusion
02. US - Hole
03. Resignation
04. The Damage Done
05. No Control
06. The Conclusion
07. N.W.S.
08. Pig Brutality
09. Reverend Abuse
10. Erased By Authority
11. Wake Of Deception (Dropdead-cover)

Recorded 2010 at the Aimless Studios Munich. Produced by G. Stench.
Guest Vocals on N.W.S. by Livstid, Peter (Kelevra) & Dani,
on Reverend Abuse by Peter (Kelevra)
CD, PCCD02, DIY, Feb. 2011.

Per Capita is a very aggressive, hateful and energetic (crust) band from southern Germany, playing a raw mixture of crust, hardcore-punk and grindcore. The band was founded in 2008 by Guido (git) and Andonis ( bass ). A few months later the first line up was completed by Sev on drums and Ben on Vocals. After a couple of shows the band decided to record their first album in summer 2009. The songs on this self-titled CD are heavily influenced by 80s hardcore-punk and 90s crust bands that you can not deny hearing it the first time… After Sev decided to leave the band, the gap he left behind was filled by ex-JACK Drummer Bakelit who had recently moved from Budapest to Munich. With the addition of our new drummer the band introduced a new direction of their sound. The hardcore-punk sound of their first album turned more and more into crust/grindcore … After 1 year playing live and writing new songs the band recorded their 2nd album “The Damage Done”, which features 11 even more powerful-kickass-crust-grindcore songs. In fall 2010 the line up was completed by Erinc on 2nd guitar. Now the Per Capita family is in full force and ready to destroy every stage they get on…

Wow, PER CAPITA wecken hier mit ihrem Ultra-Hardcoregeballer meine Aufmerksamkeit. Die 11 Songs von "the damage done" hinterlassen eine Spur der Vernichtung aus Crust, Hardcorepunk und Grindcore. Schnell, hart und immer volles Rohr geradeaus. Gut gefällt mir, dass nicht auf Teufel-komm-raus drauflos geknüppelt wird, sondern ein durchaus großer Hardcorepunk-Anteil die ganze Sache irgendwie abwechslungsreicher gestaltet. Gerade so Songs wie "Erased by authority" sind klasse, weil sie im Stil der Scandi-Crust-Bands ohne Rücksicht auf Verluste Vollgas geben. Die CD beinhaltet 10 eigene Songs und am Schluss ein Cover von Dropdead. Das Artwork passt auch zur Mucke. Gutes Teil.
Micha. www.plastic-bomb.eu

Bring the crust, bring the stench, bring the sonic agony! Now listen to PER CAPITA. This German band has released an epic pounding album called The Damage Done. DAMN! From the very first song, “U.S Hole”, they dig a black pit of metallic sonic violence & never let up. Drums on this album are a voice unto to themselves & play perfectly off of the singer’s gruff delivery. PER CAPITA’s guitar work is is fucking electric; it almost has this Discharge-on-speed vibe about it. They are not afraid to tackle some real issues on this record. Check out some of their song titles: “No White Supremacy” & “Erased By Authority”. PER CAPITA have created a crust record that sounds huge without losing any of its’ edge. I guess you could say this music makes me want to punch authority in the skull which is not a bad thing...

Per Capita:
Guido - Guitars | Andonis - Bass | Ben - Vox | Baxi - Drums | Erinc - Guitars

DIY Eigenproduktion
Per Capita