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TNT - Complete Recordings 2LP

Artikelnummer: 201412005

PUNK-ROCK! TNT - eine der wichtigsten Punk Bands aus der Schweiz. Die Band ging 1978 aus der klassischen 77er Punkband Dogbodys hervor, die neben den Nasal Boys die aktivste Punkband in Zürich war. "Züri brännt" ist bis heute der bekannteste Punksong aus der Schweiz. Er wurde das Markenzeichen schlechthin für TNT. Die Diskografie Doppel LP kommt mit 2 riesigen Postern und im Gatefold Cover. Vinyl Doppel-LP, Static Shock, 2014.

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TNT - Complete Recordings Doppel LP

A1. Züri Brännt 0:43
A2. 131 1:41
A3. Subwayscene 2:27
A4. Remember (Alternate Mix) 2:36
A5. Fight (Alternate Mix) 3:00
A6. Razzia 2:10
A7. They Robbed Us (Alternate Mix) 2:01

B1. Movie Billy 3:33
B2. Train 2:40
B3. Empty Sounds 1:48
B4. Clowns 2:32
B5. Bubble Guns 3:41

C1. Popstars 2:42
C2. Bank Rubber (Punk Robber) 2:26
C3. Krokodil 2:42
C4. Bad Boys 2:39
C5. Splash 3:39

D1. Bomber 3:01
D2. Stupid Boy 2:09
D3. Splash (Live) 3:51
D4. Mackie Messer 2:25
D5. Hinterhalt 2:10
D6. Leise, Mit Gefühl 1:57

2 x Vinyl LP, Compilation. Gatefold cover, poster insert with band interviews, Static Age SA018, 2014.

The complete recordings from TNT on A DOUBLE ALBUM!
22 songs remasterd by their former drumer Phil Rust.

Includes two big inserts, gatefold cover, limited edition 1000 copies !
By september 1978, the band TNT evolved out of the last formation of The Dogbodys. The members were: the guitarist Dani Grässle, Smudi Gross on bass and Gianni Luder playing drums. Sara Schär, a 14 year-old singer, replaced the British-born Ray Fairbrother, the last remaining founding member of The Dogbodys. As of March 1979, Phil Rust took over on drums from Gianni.
On June 5, 1979, the label Voxpop released TNT's first single "Züri Brännt" (Zurich is burning). On the B-side "Subway Scene" and a third song called "131" (consisting of that number of words in the song). "Züri brännt" is still the best known Punk song to originate from Switzerland and it ultimately became the band's trademark. TNT's second single was released in April 1980 on the classic Swiss Punk record label, Off Course. The two tracks "Fight" and "Remember" are punchy and sound very much like the English Punk Rock of that time period. Yet, a third track called "Stupid Boy" was also recorded, but not included on the 7" and then completely forgotten about. So, nearly 34 years later, "Stupid Boy" together with some other tracks are here for the first time available on vinyl.
Alec von Tavel's label Disctrade then released TNT's third single in 1981. He was also responsible for the final mixing of the two songs "Razzia" (Roundup) and "They Robbed Us". much to the dismay of the musicians who didn't really approve. On February 2, 1981, Dani left Zurich for Berlin and Thomi Bickel from the group Sperma (Sperm) replaced him on guitar. The 10" EP release "Eine kleine Machtmusik" (A small power music) followed, with 9 brand new songs recorded at the Pyramid Studio of Sara's father. However, the guitar tracks had to be redone later by Dani so that only "Clowns" is played by Bickel. You will not recognize all of those songs from that poor mixed record anymore. On this record they sound like real punkrock driven TNT songs!

Phil Rust - Drums | Dani Grässle - Guitar | Sara Schär - Vocals | André Gross - Bass

Static Shock
Doppel LP
12" Vinyl