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Mondo Ray - Hypnotized/Nothing 7"

Artikelnummer: 201201002

Do you need this 7"? Yes, yes you do. Vinyl 7inch, limited to 500 copies, Windian Records WIN20017, 2011.

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Mondo Ray - Hypnotized/Nothing 7"

A1. Hypnotized
B1. Nothing

Songs recorded and mixed by Mojomatt Bordin at Outside Inside Studio - Montebelluna - Italy - Nov 2010. Mastered by Daniel Hajji Husayn at the North London Bomb Factory - United Kingdom.
Vinyl 7inch, limited to 500 copies, Windian Records WIN20017, 2011.

"The title track sounds like, if you can use your imagination, Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” sung by Steppenwolf’s dirty, punk babies. Side two is a little les ambient, and more twang driven. And I mean twang like the sound of a knicker elastic hitting a buttock. In this circumstance, that is a good think. I like this. Two decent songs that just cut to the chains without any hint of self-indulgent twaddle. I would never have guessed these guys were German either and again, that’s a good thing."
GG, Maximum Rock n Roll

 "Last spring Mondo Ray contributed a track to It Came from the Hideout- The Best of the Garage Punk Hideout Vol. 1 and impressed with the Riverboat Gamblers-esque "Brush Your Tits." Raucous, melodic punk from Munich, Germany that proves Punk Rock is Nicht Tot! (Not dead). A funny thing happened with the arrival of Hypnotized, instead of frenetic melodic punk, the boys of Mondo Ray put out an even more melodic, new wave-ish power pop single. Falling somewhere between Gentlemen Jesse and His Men and the Carbonas. "Hypnotized" is advertised as sugary sweet west coast power pop, but if Plimsouls doesn't run through your mind then you don't know your power pop. Mondo Ray's song clearly was inspired by the Plimsouls own "Hypnotized" but clearly this is more vibrant and the sum of it's musical inspiration. No dreamy jangly guitars here. The band backs the single with the excellent post punk meets power pop "Nothing." The laid back vibe of the song, plucking rhythms, and catchy chorus is infectious."
Rinjo Njori, earvolution.com

"We’re onto Munich-based trio Mondo Ray. Hypnotized is pop thrills and rock ‘n’ roll chills. Windian Records has been on a roll lately, releasing a steady stream of appealing punk records (White Faces and a reissued Penetrators 7’’), so how solid this little slab of wax is really comes as no surprise. “Hypnotized” comes complete with a frantic riff (dare I say it’s hypnotizing?) and a refrain containing nervy vocals, all wrapped up in a sound that’s well in line with the cover art. Its B-side (“Nothing”) is more mellow and poppy, but it still brings plenty of energy to the table and is perhaps even better than the A-side. Both songs are guitar-driven blasts of refreshingly simplistic rock ‘n’ roll straight from the heart. The single’s brief duration (approximately four minutes) makes you want to hit repeat, crank it up, and sing along. Do you need this 7”? Yes, yes you do."
Kristen Berry, Get Bent (letsgetbent.tumblr.com)

Mondo Ray on this record:
David Da Cruz - Guitar, Bass, Vox | Hugo Da Cruz - Drums, Organ, Vox

Windian Records
Limited Edition
Mondo Ray
7" Vinyl