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Hostages Of Ayatollah - AntHOAlogy 1982-1989 - 2LP + DVD (+ MP3)

Artikelnummer: 201609003

HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH - die Anthologie! Absolut zeitlos, auch nach über 20 Jahren. Hostages Of Ayatollah waren, neben Spermbirds und Skeezicks, eine der ersten, essentiellen deutschen Hardcore Bands, beeinflusst vom US Skate & Thrash-Punk. Mit Johhny Bottrop (Terrorgruppe, Bottrops). Limited Edition Doppel-LP mit DVD, fettem Booklet und MP3 Download Code, X-Mist Records, 2009.

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Hostages Of Ayatollah - AntHOAlogy 1982-1989 - Limited Double-Vinyl incl. DVD & MP3 Download

A1. Introduction: Voulez-Vous...?
A2. Hallo Nachbar
A3. Teheran
A4. In Meinem Zimmer
A5. Geh Doch Nach Drüben
A6. Sie Braucht Euch Nicht
A7. Personal Lyrics

B1. Oh Mama
B2. Amok Bei Aldi (altern. Version)
B3. Three Eggs
B4. Ohne Hirn
B5. Im Park
B6. Oh Doc
B7. Schon Genug?
B8. Jerk Ocker

C1. Barbara
C2. Die Menschens
C3. Interlude: Wall Of Sitar
C4. Mullah Mullah
C5. Community Cares
C6. Nichts Zu Tun (altern. Version)
C7. Maximum Joy
C8. Der Spion
C9. Queen With Yellow Socks

D1. In Meinem Zimmer
D2. Interlude: Beat Back The Wully-Bullies
Bonus: Demos 1983 u. 1985
D3. Gaddhafi Calling
D4. Wie Die Tiere
D5. Petra W. Aus D.
D6. Keine Gnade
D7. Tanzen (aus KKH-Sessions)
D8. Discovery (aus KKH-Sessions)

Tracks D3 to D6 taken from: Tape "...Aha!" (Self-released 1983)
Tracks A1, A2, A4, A5, B1, B4, taken from: EP "Hallo Nachbar + 5" (Self-released 1984)
Tracks A3, A6, B2, B5, B7, C1, C4, C6, C8 taken from: Split-Lp "Kaaba Kaaba Hey" (Zorro Records 1986)
Tracks A7, B3, B6, B8, C2, C3, C5, C7, C9, D1, D2 taken from: LP "Simply To Much Nothing" (Econo Records 1988)

2 × Vinyl LP + Bonus DVD, with 12" 8 sided booklet which contains the band history, lyrics and photos.
Limited edition of 500 copies including mp3 download code. X-Mist Records XM-095, 2009.

The anthology by the HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH, one of FIRST german Hardcore-bands, along with the SPERMBIRDS and SKEEZICKS, influenced by the US/Skate&Thrash-Punk! Timeless classic stuff, that’s still amazing and thrilling to listen to after more than 20 years! The HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH came from Velbert and took the german scene by storm with their self-released and self-titled 7”EP in 1985 (later repressed on WESER LABEL). All of the tracks from this legendary classic EP, and the songs from the following “Kaaba Kaaba Hey” split-LP MANSON YOUTH (released in 1986 on ZORO RECORDS) are included on this re-issue! Both records are extremely rare and highly-sought after collectible items!!! Fantastically great songs, and in our humble opinion some of the BEST stuff to come out of Germany EVER!
Furthermore there are previously unreleased tracks taken from early demo-tapes on this double-vinyl, and additionally to that, the best songs taken from their LP “Simply Too Much Nothing” recorded and released in 1988, shortly before they broke up. Guitarist Jacho aka Johnny Bottrop then moved to Berlin, and later played in a not-so-unknown band called TERRORGRUPPE...
As a bonus addition to this double-LP (featuring 32 songs in full!) comes a DVD enclosed, containing videos, live-material and excerpts from the obscure, never finished and never released “Farmer Punks In Love” movie by famous photographer Ar/Gee Gleim!
Added as well, a booklet with lyrics, photos and linernotes on 8 pages in LP-size format! And on top of all that, with the first 500 copies there’s a coupon included for a free mp3-download of the entire album! - x-mist

Hostages Of Ayatollah:
Bass – Micha | Drums, Vocals – Torsten | Guitar – Johnny Bottrop | Vocals– Jah-Jah Schmidt

Doppel LP incl. MP3 Download
12" Vinyl
incl. DVD