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Kyokushinkai - no nation, no border CD

Artikelnummer: 201009025

File under: Gegendruck! Political Hardcore, Punk MiniCD, 2009

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Kyokushinkai - no nation, no border CD

01. Fight war
02. No nation, no border
03. Search
04. Welcome to hell
05. Work, consume, die
06. Esotöricht

Aufgenommen im Dezember 2007 in den Viehhalde Kellern bei Regensburg. 

KYOKUSHINKAI was formed in early 2005 in straight conservative South-Bavaria / Germoney by Chris, Tobi, Kasi and Gernot. After a few weeks Gernot left the band and Flo, who was formerly part of SCAB, joined KYOKUSHINKAI on bass. In summer 2009 Chris moved to Berlin and was replaced by Fabio. Our style can be described as a rough mixture of political Hardcore, Punk and some discreet Metal influences. No idea with what band we can be compared, so just listen and tell!

During the last years we have been playing several concerts in Germany and Austria. We were able to share the stage with bands like ENDSTAND, BRIDGE TO SOLACE, LACK, UNHOLD and the incredible ARSCH MIT ORDEN. In February 2009 we finally released a six tracks mini-CD, with songs that have already been recorded in December 2007 (sic!). As for the next releases with more actual stuff: expect 'em within the next ten years! KYOKUSHINKAI

Kasi (Vox) | Engel (Git) | Flo (Bass) | Tobi (Drums)