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Dread Cannibals - Think Denglish CD

Artikelnummer: 201112003

NOFX? California? Forget it! - Take this: Dread Cannibals - Album No. 4 - 'Think Denglish'. CD, D.I.Y., 2010.

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Dread Cannibals - Think Denglish CD

01. Showtime  2:30
02. Stand Up For Your Right  2:56
03. A Cup of Tea  2:58
04. First Time  2:30
05. Ten Years Of Service  2:24
06. Liberators  2:59
07. War Of All Wars  2:39
08. Wasted Time  3:18   
09. Wrong Decision  2:26
10. Night Train  3:19
11. Blind  3:04
12. Get On Board  3:10
13. In The Name Of God  2:16
14. On Track  2:43

Produced , recorded and mixed by Clemens Nagl at 4ohm and Naglstudios, editing by Clemens Nagl and Lukas Groebl.
Mastered by Teuermann @ 4ohm Studios, Munich.
CD Album, D.I.Y., 2010.

"In 1997 the punkrock band Dread Cannibals was founded by Flo (guitar, vocals), Steffl (bass, vocals) and Luk (drums) with the aim of playing the kind of music the band members like most: punkrock, ska and hardcore. Over the next years the cannibals created their on style of rapid punk songs and melodic ska. In 2007 Clim joined the Cannibals on lead guitar and vocals.
1999 the band recorded their first album "Tussi Zone". Whereas the debut album was mainly about singing of drinking and partying, the lyrics changed to become more political on their second album "Shut the fuck up", recorded in 2001. This record is seen as a milestone in the development of the Dread Cannibals' musical style. Two years later in 2003, their third album "Climbing up to the lowest level" was recorded. Again, this album was a giant step forward. In all these years the band played innumerable live shows in Germany and Europe which made them famous for their smashing sound and their funny performances."

Dread Cannibals:
Florian Haslauer - Vox, Guitar | Clemens Nagl - Guitar, Vox | Stefan Singer - Bass, Vox | Lukas Groebl - Drums

DIY Eigenproduktion
Dread Cannibals